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We’ve worked with a wide range of clientele and continue to be trusted by top fortune 500 companies within the local San Franscisco area. Our professional conference interpreters are AIIC certified, experienced, and skilled in a variety of subjects and topics. We provide the best technology and can deliver crystal clear audio translations in virtually any environment. Request a risk free quote today, we are the interpreting agency you’ve been looking for!

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“My experience with Bilingva was incredibly positive, and I recommend them to anyone looking for translation services in a corporate setting. The whole process, from my initial email request to the services performed at my event, was handled with professionalism and care. Catherine, the company’s founder, was my point of contact and she was lovely throughout. She responded quickly and gave me assurance that all my translation needs for the three languages I required would be met. She provided an overview of expected costs and benefits to the services she and her team could offer me and worked within my budget. Onsite, she and her setup crew went above and beyond but bringing a few spare headsets for my guests (which were needed) and they worked quickly, putting my mind at ease. Her translators were wonderful and very focused. 

The benefit of human translation is that it is generally more accurate than machine translators since the humans will account for nuances and cultural context. I look forward to working with Bilingva again in the future!”

Emily Ocon

Events Manager, Developer Marketing, Google Play


Professional Conference Interpreters

Our interpreters are AIIC certified, experienced and skilled in a variety of subjects and topics.

Conference Equipment

We provide you with the best in technology to deliver translation in any environment with crystal clear audio.

Translation of Presentation Materials

We translate everything from presentation decks to signs and badges.

All logistics and planning

We worry about logistics, so you don’t have to. From delivery and setup to transitions and strike-down: our team handles all the aspects of the event.


  • Subtitling and captioning
    Case Study: Translation, Subtitling and Captioning Services for Splunk
    November 5, 2020
    Bilingva has developed innovative software and approach that allows our team to avoid using unnecessary steps and create the accurately translated subtitles directly from the video file, which considerably reduces the turnaround time and the cost
  • CBS News Story on Masks Features Bilingva’s CEO Catherine Neyman
    CBS News Story on Masks Features Bilingva’s CEO Catherine Neyman
    June 8, 2020
    CBS News Story on Masks Features Bilingva’s CEO Catherine Neyman Bilingva founder and CEO Catherine Neyman appeared on KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco’s Friday evening news in a story on how the deaf and hard of hearing are facing a new challenge during the pandemic that has mostly concealed people’s faces. Because they can no longer read lips or facial expressions behind a mask, they may encounter new communication challenges. “They have to ask a person to show their lips so they can read them and understand what the question is or what they want to say,” Catherine Neyman told reporter Don Ford. “Of course, it’s very awkward, and it’s challenging.” Bilingva, LLC is based in the Bay Area, and one of its services is sign language interpreting for local communities, government agencies, educational and medical institutions, law offices and large companies such as Google and eBay. The company specializes in translation, simultaneous and remote interpreting covering over 140 languages, localization and language training. From top- tier Silicon Valley firms and international enterprises to the multiple departments of the City and County of San Francisco, Bilingva is a trusted language partner for the community in which it operates. As an essential business, Bilingva is currently providing language support to the San Francisco Emergency Operations center as part of California’s response to coronavirus.
  • San Francisco PUC Selects Bilingva as Translation Vendor
    San Francisco PUC Selects Bilingva as Translation Vendor
    May 13, 2020
    San Francisco PUC Selects Bilingva as Translation Vendor   We are proud to announce that another City department selected Bilingva as their language service provider. We welcome San Francisco Public Utility Commission as our client, and we are happy to provide our services and support. SFPUC provides drinking water and wastewater services to the City, wholesale water to three Bay Area counties, and green hydroelectric and solar power to the municipal departments. Bilingva is a full language service provider delivering end-to-end and turn-key solutions in translation, simultaneous and remote interpreting, localization and language training. Bilingva has been providing its services to the City and County of San Francisco as well as top tier Silicon Valley companies and international enterprises. Bilingva is currently providing its translation services to San Francisco Emergency Operations center as part of California response to coronavirus. We are an essential business operating 24x7. Contact us today with any language inquiries. Have a question about translation? Our translation experts will be happy to assist you!
  • Bilingva assigned as the Disaster Translation and Language Support Service for the City and County of San Francisco
    Bilingva assigned as the Disaster Translation and Language Support Service for the City and County of San Francisco
    March 26, 2020
    In response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Bilingva has been assigned as the disaster translation and language support service for the City and County of San Francisco. Our team is handling translations of urgent alerts and notifications as well as online and over the phone interpreting for meetings. We are proud to be on the front lines and support our local communities. We wish everyone to stay safe and healthy during these hard times.

The spoken word

Bilingva provides professional interpreting services that range from on-site interpreting for medical offices, USCIS, courts and insurance companies to providing equipment and interpreters for conferences and business meetings.

Conference Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Whisper Interpreting

Medical Interpreting

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