Simultaneous Interpreting at GSMA Americas 2017

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Simultaneous Interpreting GSMA

Simultaneous Interpreting at GSMA Americas 2017 – Bilingva


Bilingva provided simultaneous interpreting in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese for the annual GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 held at the San Francisco Moscone Center. This was the an inaugural event for the freshly remodeled Moscone Center’s North wing, and a particularly logistically challenging conference: from multiple rooms with simultaneous interpretation to two-way relay (from Spanish to Portuguese to English and vice versa) to coverage in the North and West wing of the large convention center.

For the event Bilingva provided fully encapsulated simultaneous interpreting booths that allow interpreters to work in a noise-isolated environment, where the outside ambient sound does not get in, and interpreter’s voice does not leak out and does not interrupt the flow of the conference. The booths do not need to be set up with direct visibility to the speaker: part of our equipment set up is video monitoring solution that allows interpreters to observe the speakers, and everything that is happening on stage in real time.

With monitors placed in booth and high quality direct sound feed coming from the audio engineers, interpreters can be located anywhere: behind the stage, invisible to the attendees, or even in another room altogether – which was exactly the set up preferred by GSMA organizers.

Our equipment allows attendees to rotate through the breakout sessions without changing the headset, simply switching to the room they are attending and the language they want to hear. Part of our planning stage is a complete run-through with the event organizers to understand the logistics of the event, location of the interpreters and attendees, duration of the event and every other detail that helps us run interpretation at the event smoothly and precisely.

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