Conference Interpreting at Google I/O 2017

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Conference Interpreting at Google IO 2017 - Bilingva

Bilingva – Conference Interpreting at Google I/O 2017


Bilingva provided conference interpreting for world-famous Google I/O Conference in 2017.

This year Google was presenting its latest developments in the enormous Shoreline Amphitheater. Bilingva provided Chinese conference interpreters for the event, with the translation being not only broadcast in the entire theater range, but also streamed live onto world wide web for anyone to tune in from around the world.

Setting up conference interpreting in the large open space of Shoreline Amphitheater presented its own set of unique challenges for our technicians: we had to make sure that reception was spotless anywhere across the seats, both in the VIP section, as well as press box, regular seating and lawn.

Second, the space behind the stage was already at a premium with all of the show supporting functions located there. We had to find a space that would be sound-isolated from enormous speakers broadcasting music, speech and special effects to the audience, yet be close enough to the stage to run the cables. In the end, instead of placing a fully-encapsulated translation booth behind the stage, we placed interpreters in the portable studio trailer, with audio and video fed directly from the sound and video crews, and translation feed being fed out the front of the house and then broadcast to the audience in the theater. A second tap ran to the streaming studio which converted it into a stream to the web.

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