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Are all translation booths the same?

A look at translation booths from different manufacturers describing their pros and cons, and which one is the best for your next conference event.

Conference interpreting microphones

Your guide to types of microphones for conference interpreters and how to choose the right conference interpreting microphoen for your next event.

Q&A, Round-Table or Fireside Chat Session with Interpreting

There are several aspects of a meeting to keep in mind when you plan a Q&A, round-table or fireside chat session when you have conference (or consecutive) interpreting included.

Translation booth AV requirements

Learn about translation booth AV requirements, and what's needed to provide power, audio and video feed to language vendor at your event.

When to use tabletop translation booth

Tabletop translation booths are a great alternative to fully encapsulated full-size translation booths, but it is important to understand their advantages and shortcomings before deciding one way or another.

Where to place the translation booth

Read professional advice on the placement of translation booths at the events, and what situations to avoid when providing simultaneous interpreting.