Case Study: Translation, Subtitling and Captioning Services for Splunk

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Case Study: Translation, Subtitling and Captioning Services for Splunk

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Subtitling and captioning

New Event Format and New Challenges

The world has changed in the face of a global pandemic and so has the experience of business conferences around the globe. International events have gone online and transitioned to a recorded video format: organization leadership, guest speakers and presenters are recorded in studios or from home ahead of time and videos are post-processed and shared on organizational websites and social media.

With the new format, organizations ran into challenges delivering the content to audiences around the world in their native language. What used to be interpreted simultaneously at a conference attended in-person and live is now recorded and streamed over digital media. How can you quickly translate the entire video into multiple languages and make language selection convenient and easy to select for the target audience on a multimedia platform?

Using Subtitling and Captioning for Online Events

The technology for delivering video in one language to international audiences already exists: subtitling and captioning. When referring to words that appear on the screen of a video, many people tend to use the terms “Captions” and “Subtitles” interchangeably, but there is a difference: captions are designed for viewers who cannot hear the audio in the video. Subtitles are designed for viewers who can hear but do not understand the language in the video.

By providing both subtitling and captioning to the presentation videos, organizations can dramatically increase the reach in audience and coverage of their products, presentations, new technology launches and other marketing efforts.

The traditional subtitling process includes several steps: transcribing the audio, translating the transcribed text into another language, and creating subtitle files with time codes. It is a laborious process that takes considerable time for turnaround: it requires the entire length of the video to be transcribed before any other stages of the process can even begin.

Subtitling and Captioning: a Radically New Approach

Bilingva has developed innovative software and approach that allows our team to avoid using unnecessary steps and create the accurately translated subtitles directly from the video file, which considerably reduces the turnaround time and the cost.

Bilingva’s human translators and proofreaders work carefully with the subtitles created by our software and make sure the text contains accurate terminology and wording. Besides subtitling, we provide captioning services that allow the viewers to follow along with the audio and video in a written form on the screen, making your conference accessible to a wider variety of people. These three services combined make it possible for you to put on a truly inclusive online event with the potential to reach thousands of attendees in every language at an affordable cost and in record time.

To further shorten the production time and respond to the demand, Bilingva created global multilingual teams. With subtitling and captioning specialists placed in the North and South America, Europe and Asia, all work is performed 24×7. By leveraging our advanced technology and diverse translation teams, we can provide translation, subtitling and captioning into hundreds of languages on a very tight schedule – even allowing for certain edits in time codes and re-cutting the videos multiple times prior to the final release.

Splunk .conf: a Successful Conference

Splunk .conf is an annual education event for IT, Security, and DevOps professionals. Splunk is a data heavy platform that allows professionals to investigate, analyze, process, and interpret their company data. The Splunk conference joins the education of innovative technology and educational sessions showcasing Splunk’s top partners and today’s top thought leaders. It attracts thousands of people each year who want to be at the leading edge of data technology and network with others in their field. This year, Splunk held it completely online.

Bilingva worked with keynote videos for the conference translating the audio into Japanese and Simplified Chinese. We turned the translations into subtitles, ready to go with every video. The turnaround time from receiving the video files to delivering the SRT files to the production team was three days.

We were a key factor in the event being accessible to the international audience. Our translation and subtitling services allowed people from all over the world to attend the online event and to benefit from the wealth of information Splunk offered. And we can help you do the same for your virtual event.

Subtitling and Captioning for Your Organization

Fast and Effective Way to Reach International Audiences

If you need our support for an online event or conference, contact us today and we would be pleased to discuss your needs and offer a comprehensive quote. We offer a wide variety of services including translation, localization, subtitling, captioning and interpreting, both remote and onsite.