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Conference Interpreting at Google for Education, Mexico City - Bilingva

Bilingva – Conference Interpreting at Google for Education, Mexico City


Bilingva provided conference interpreting services at the Google for Education Summit event in Mexico City, at the Google building. As part of the event language services, Bilingva also provided translation of all presentation materials and keynotes submitted by speakers.

Coming from all over Mexico, over one hundred and twenty delegates, representing policy makers from each of the Mexico states came to Mexico City for a two-day summit at Google Mexico headquarters. With a mixed panel of presenters delivering content both in English and in Spanish, conference interpreting was a crucial part of the conference setup.

Bilingva provided AIIC-certified interpreters familiar with the education sector, who not only interpreted live at the event, but also translated the presentation materials – both in advance of the event, as well as on-demand with as little as thirty-minute delivery for a few keynote presentations that required change at the last moment.

Bilingva also provided equipment for the event, working with the audio team from Jack Morton agency to deliver smooth listening experience for every attendee. The new Google building has a conference room that is ideally suitable for the conference interpreting – having a dedicated sound-proof room with a glass front, so that interpreters can follow everything happening on stage, and work in a dedicated sound-insulated environment, working off a direct feed from the audio team and delivering translation over selected channels for the attendees to listen.

Live interpreting also helped the AV team and the event staff to follow everything that was happening on stage, and effectively moderate Q&A session coming in both languages, and being answered in both languages as well.

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