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Conference Interpreting for Stanford University

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Conference Interpreting for Stanford University - Bilingva

Bilingva – Conference Interpreting for Stanford University


Bilingva provided conference interpreting in Brazilian Portuguese for Stanford University. Stanford was hosting a “Global Innovation and Leadership Workshop. Human sciences and  Information Technologies for Innovation and Training for Brazil’s Transportation Infrastructure”.

Attending were senior executives from Brazil government and transportation industries. Bilingva was providing interpreting for the workshop on learning advanced tools and techniques for enterprise creativity, innovation and renewal through creative leadership.

The workshop covered topics on emerging technologies, such as machine learning, the internet of things and artificial intelligence-driven experiences, new opportunities for smart conversational agents. These technology applications promise more mobility options, ubiquitous access and personalized services, better use of time, and more fulfilled lives.

This program fills a critical gap for innovation executives and entrepreneurs guiding their organizations through high-velocity change.

It was an intense week-long event, each day covering over ten hours of interpretation. Bilingva has selected a team of highly skilled Brazilian Portuguese conference interpreters who could handle not only a presentation style delivery, but also multi-faceted hands-on exploration of issues and possibilities for Brazil’s transportation future. Conference interpreting was provided for every session, back to back with no interruptions or breaks.

Presenters included such honorary scientists as Robert Burgelman from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Kathryn Shaw, The Ernest C. Arbuckle Professor of Economics and Neil Jacobstein, distinguished visiting scholar who chairs the AI and Robotics track at Singularity University, NASA Research Park.

Bilingva provided conference equipment for the event as well, which allowed the participants to participate in group activities, listen to the presentation and engage in two-way discussions, all while receiving an uninterrupted translation stream.

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