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Conference Interpreting for Bain And Company - Bilingva

Bilingva – Conference Interpreting for Bain And Company


Bilingva provided conference interpreting services for a group of Russian entrepreneurs visiting Bain and Company Silicon Valley office and conducting a week-long series of workshops and interviews at the major IT companies. Crucial to the success of understanding on both sides was the selection of interpreters who understood technical terminology and specialized in business meeting settings, particularly for startup environments and high energy meetings where thought process flows uninterrupted. After disqualifying interpreters provided by other resources for this visit, Bain and Company turned to Bilingva for the last minute assistance, and was more than happy with the result.

Bilingva maintains an extensive database of conference and consecutive interpreters who are thoroughly vetted by our team, and have done multiple assignments with us – based on their language, skills and specialization. This allows us to locate perfect fit interpreters for everything from high profile one-on-one meetings, to group tours to large scale conferences and sales kick-offs with multinational workforce who needs to understand everything from a proper sales pitch to technical details on the latest updates of company products.

Three days and one satisfied customer later, Bilingva received the following feedback from Bain and Company: “Thank you so much for coordinating the interpreting for last week. Our group had nothing but positive reviews for your interpreter and your translation services.” – Bain Innovation Exchange.

If you are looking for quality conference interpreting for your business meeting, contact us today. We are a full service company providing everything from interpreters to equipment and technicians.


Coference Interpreting for Bain and Company