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I wanted to give you some feedback

on your interpreting team - they were awesome! They were the most unobtrusive interpreters I've ever worked with. They were very careful to cover their mouths/faces when they had to get close to the speakers to hear them, they seemed to be a good team (trading off seamlessly when one needed water, or a break), and they whispered so quietly. They were amazing! Very professional, polite, and appreciative. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Executive Management Team at Google

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Document Translation for Individuals

Bilingva provides certified and notarized translations for all types of translated documents upon client’s request. Among the most common documents requiring certification are the following: diplomas and academic transcripts, certificates of graduation; certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce, name change; academic papers, theses, research papers; medical records; financial documentation; legal papers, contracts, agreements, trusts; adoption documentation, paperwork for court and for immigration purposes. All of the certified translations are printed on the company’s letterhead with all the necessary stamps / seals and signatures.

At Bilingva, we help our clients prepare a full package of all the required documentation for various uses: whether it is a package of documents for adoption purposes, paperwork for court or for visa application.

We accept and deliver documents in any format (MS Word, hard copies, PDF, JPG, etc.).

To receive a quote for your translation project, please fill out the form or contact us by either phone or e-mail.