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Recently, used their service for an urgent and health related matter. Extremely happy with the promptness and quality of their work.Catherine is very easy to work with and super professional.

Jaideep A.
San Jose, CA

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Translation Equipment

Full-size translation booths

We offer ISO 4043 full translation booths for rent and sale. These booths are free-standing, and are designed to create the best sound-insulated environment for the translators and conference attendees. Each booth fits two translators and can be set up in as little as twenty minutes by two people. It is possible to set it up by one person as well, although we do not recommend it.

Booths are made with impeccable finish and create a professional environment when placed in any conference hall. Booths occupy the space of roughly six by six feet, and should be placed about two feet away from the rear wall for the booth door clearance. Each booth has two dedicated fans which are placed in special enclosures for circulating the air. Our fans do not drop into booths, they are ultra-quiet, and are located outside the booths, circulating the air via the ducts. The sound of the fans does not propagate beyond the enclosures, and does not interfere with the work of the translators or experience of the conference attendees.

Each booth comes equipped with its own sturdy table.