Bilingva Translation and Interpreting


When planning for international visitors

to the EBC and quality translations, you may want to speak with Catherine Neyman at Bilingva. Catherine and I work together on delivering interpreted and translated content for sales training purposes. I have found Catherine’s services to be very well-executed.

Kip Darcy
WW Sales Training Manager
Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is used in large conferences and business meetings where speed is of essence. In simultaneous interpreting, translation runs alongside the speaker’s presentation or speech. Simultaneous interpreters are skilled in speaking and listening at the same time, and deliver the translated speech a few seconds behind the original speaker. Although simultaneous interpreting is not as personal as the consecutive mode, it is very efficient and incredibly vigorous. Accordingly, it is an industry standard that at least two simultaneous interpreters switch off for each language pair involved.

Simultaneous interpreting requires specific equipment for the interpreters (portable equipment or booths) and for the audience (headsets, receivers). Bilingva provides stat-of-the-art interpreting equipment for any type of event. Our dedicated project managers will provide custom simultaneous interpretation solutions to meet clients' specific needs, and our experienced audio and video technicians will be monitoring the equipment on site making sure the event runs smoothly.