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We are happy to have found Bilingva as our vendor

for our translation needs. We normally need our written materials intended for the public to be translated into multiple languages, and Bilingva has done an excellent job translating our documentation in a timely and professional manner. We have not had any problems during the whole process from the stage of ordering a translation to the product delivery. We liked that is was smooth, easy and fast. All of our needs regarding delivery formats and turnaround time have been met without any problem, and we would like to recommend Bilingva to other organizations in need of quality translations and excellent customer service.

An Lu and Sheau Ching Lee
Program Coordinators
Arts Council Silicon Valley

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Russian Translation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Russian Language Document Translations

Do you certify your translations?

Yes, all our translations are certified and notarized. They are accepted by all educational institutions, evalugation agencies, US government offices, including USCIS and state boards, including medical.

I have a document from a former Soviet Union republic, which contains Russian language and the language of the former republic. Can you translate it?

Yes, we do translations from all former Soviet Union republic languages. Translated document will contain notices that the original document had text in two languages.

My name is spelled in a very specific way on documents I have already submitted to USCIS. Can I have the same spelling on your translation?

Yes, we will ask you for any existing spellings you may be using for immigration or other purposes, and will reuse them to maintain consistency of documents.

How long will the translation take?

For simple documents like certificates (birth, death, marriage, divorce), the translation can be ready in as little as one day (rush service). Larger documents, like transcripts, may take a little longer. For documents with large volume of text we will provide a specific turnaround time before we begin the project.

I don't want to lose my original. Do you work with copies?

Yes. In fact, we only work with copies, so that your original always stays with you. You can send us a scanned copy of the original document by e-mail, fax it to our toll-free number, or come to our office in San Jose, and the receptionist will make a copy of the document, and hand you your original back.

Do you provide any discounts?

We provide special discounts for students, adopting parents, non-profit agencies and for large volume of texts. Bilingva supports adoption - it is one of our mission goals. If you are a prospective adopting parent and need documents translated to and from Russian language, please mention it to us. We provide a significantly discounted rate, and in certain cases perform pro bono work.

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