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Russian Translation Projects

List of Sample Russian Language Projects

Legal Contract and Technical Specification

  • Project: Russian Space Systems and their partner in the US needed a legal contract in Russian translated into English. The contract included technical specifications for various pieces of equipment for satellite communication.
  • Volume: 6,000 words
  • Challenge: The most challenging aspect of this project was to presicely and correctly translate technical specifications for the equipment that was part of the contract.
  • Solution: Bilingva assembled a team of our highly professional translators specializing in contracts to translate the legal part of the project. At the same time, our technical Russian language translators researched the equipment manufacturer's site as well as Russian and English sites for satellite communication to render the translation correctly. Once we found the match, we created a Translation Memory with the right terminology and translated the Technical Specification part of the project with precision.
  • Turnaround time: 3 days
  • Architectural Blueprints and Fire Supression System Specification

  • Project: Architectural company HOK, Inc. needed a rush translation of a full set of architectural proposal documentation for their customer in Russia. The package consisted of a set of architectural blueprints and a full specification for the fire supression system to be installed in the future building.
  • Volume: 13,000 words
  • Challenge: The translation had to be done in a very short time, and in CAD system format used by HOK.
  • Solution: Bilingva assembled a team of Russian translators with architectural background, and a DTP specialist who quickly entered the translated text back into CAD format. The project was completed and delivered on time in less than three business days.
  • Turnaround time: 3 days
  • White Papers and Marketing Materials for Networking Equipment

  • Project: Blue Coat Systems, Inc. requested a full set of their marketing collateral for the networking equipment translated into the Russian language for their Russian sales office.
  • Volume: 29,000 words
  • Challenge:The Russian language has widely adopted English computer and networking terms, yet certain terminology has stayed uniquely Russian. Navigating a fine mix of adopted vs. original terminology in white papers and marketing materials with the consideration of target audience was the unique challenge of this particular project.
  • Solution: Bilingva used a mixed team of professional US and Russia-based translators to do the initial translation; and later, proofread it by independent technical translators experienced in working on marketing texts and copy-right projects to fine-tune the translation for the prospective Russian buyers.The project was successfully completed within two weeks.
  • Turnaround time: 2 weeks
  • Medical Consent and Questionnaire Forms

  • Project: UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center needed a set of consent forms and questionnaires translated into Russian for the center patients.
  • Volume: 16,500 words
  • Challenge: Uniquely American terminology regarding patient rights, privacy laws, release of information and patient consent had to be adequately conveyed to the Russian patients who never encountered these concepts before in their native language.
  • Solution: Bilingva used a team of translators and editors who had experience in medical terminology and patient care to do the translation; and later, proofread it with the researches of the UCSF center to make sure everything in the consent and questionnaire forms was conveyed accurately. The result was a highly professional translation product.
  • Turnaround time: 1.5 weeks
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