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I am writing to share my experience with Bilingva.

They are very professional and certify all translations. It is a good service and one that I have referred to others. Thank you for taking on the rush job. Your organization is very professional and it has been a joy working with you. I am forwarding your site to the school district to share with other schools in need of translated documents. I look forward to working with you again!

Lisa Blair
Ernestine C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts

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Documents in Russian Language

Most Requested Russian Language Document Translations

Russian language is our specialy. Every day we translate various documents from and to Russian language. We have compiled the most requested list of document types that we handle every day. All of our translations are certified and notarized. They are accepted at all educational institutions and US government offices, including USCIS.

  • birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates
  • vaccination and immunization records
  • high school and college graduation certificates, diplomas and transcripts
  • visa and immigration-related documentation
  • professional services for adopting parents: letters to children, complete adoption dossiers, certified adoption certificates
  • We provide special discounts for students and adopting parents. Bilingva supports adoption - it is one of our mission goals. If you are a prospective adopting parent and need documents translated to and from Russian language, please mention it to us. We provide a significantly discounted rate, and in certain cases perform pro bono work.

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