Bilingva Translation and Interpreting


Recently, used their service for an urgent and health related matter. Extremely happy with the promptness and quality of their work.Catherine is very easy to work with and super professional.

Jaideep A.
San Jose, CA

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- making your product global -

Bilingva provides a full suite of localization services: from localizing your website, software, Android or iOS app, to providing consulting on best practices and methodologies, as well as technical services for deployment, post-localization proofing and validation.

Our project teams consist of a project manager, technical specialist specializing in the software technology you need to localize and translators with expertise in the subject matter of your localization project.

We specialize in the following localization projects:

  • Android platform mobile app localization
  • iOS platform mobile app localization
  • Windows platform mobile app localization
  • Windows desktop software
  • MacOS desktop software
  • Website content

We work both with resource files as well as raw source code files, from simple static pages to complex multi-language projects. Contact us today to discuss your project.