Bilingva Translation and Interpreting


I needed to get a letter translated from Spanish to English for a time-sensitive legal issue and Catherine and her team helped me to get it on time. It was fast and convenient.  I highly recommend Bilingva professionalism and their costumer service!!!

Mercedes M.
Mountain View, CA

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Interpreting Equipment

Tour Guide Systems

Tour guide systems are a great package consisting of a portable transmitter 16-channel transmitter and a number of 8-channel receivers. This allows multiple tour groups to operate in the same vicinity, simultaneously, with no crosstalk or interference. The standard package includes 10 receivers, but the number is not limited, and can be infinitely expanded. Package also includes headphones for every receiver, a microphone for transmitter, pack of spare batteries and an easy to carry professional foam-padded case to carry the equipment around.

Each unit is built in a rugged impact resistant case, and will operate up to 50 long lasting hours on two AA alkaline batteries (not included). It also features an integral volume on/off control, LED power and low battery indicator, channel selection knob and earphone jack.