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I wanted to give you some feedback

on your interpreting team - they were awesome! They were the most unobtrusive interpreters I've ever worked with. They were very careful to cover their mouths/faces when they had to get close to the speakers to hear them, they seemed to be a good team (trading off seamlessly when one needed water, or a break), and they whispered so quietly. They were amazing! Very professional, polite, and appreciative. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Executive Management Team at Google

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Conference Interpreting

There are several types of conference interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used in a variety of settings from medical appointments to small business meetings. In consecutive interpreting the speaker the speaker regularly pauses, enabling the interpreter to render his translation. Usually, the speaker pauses after every sentence or phrase. Although this is a time consuming procedure, it can lead to a higher degree of correctness and completeness in the translation, since a consecutive interpreter has time to analyze what has been said, sometimes take written notes of the segments of speech and choose the best words in the translation to render the thought.

Although consecutive interpreting is more time-consuming than simultaneous interpreting, it is more personal and complete, and in most cases, it does not require any interpreting equipment. Our conference interpreters have excellent linguistic and interpersonal skill and will make sure the event runs without any interruption and every thought is translated and understood by either side.